Got bored of listening to the same songs over and over again? Ever dreamt of automatically filling your MP3 stick with new, always changing collections of music?

MP3StickMan manages the MP3 file upload to your USB music stick. Of course you may upload any other format your stick supports as well, e.g. WMA, OGG Vorbis, WAV, etc.

MP3StickMan keeps track of your music directories and remembers which files you had uploaded already. Each time you upload new music the application will create a new, random subset of files from your music collection, so that the music on your stick is never the same! After a certain number of uploads, when all files have been "used" once on the stick, the first files will be re-used. But the composition will always be different.

You may create several collections, e.g. depending on your mood. Put your soul music into a "Soul" collection, your hard rock into a "hard rock" collection, and your dance music into "dance music". Whatever your current mood is, choose the appropriate collection and let MP3StickMan fill your stick!

Download the Shareware. It is fully functional, but file downloads to the stick are limited to 32 MB. You can purchase a license at Share*it!, where you'll receive a registration key to unlock the shareware to a full version.



Current version: 1.3